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Our lab is always looking for highly motivated individuals with relevant experience to work in the lab (and good vibes too).

Sometimes I have my own funding available and I will advertise the open positions here and on the A*STAR website. 

If you want to write and apply for an existing post-doctoral fellowship call, I am very happy to work with you and help you develop your proposal for the application.


We are very open to novel ideas to bring our work to their fullest potential, or even exploring uncharted paths.

Hence, we encourage collaborations with both academic institutions as well as the private industries.

Let us talk about how we each can contribute towards common goals and develop a synergistic outcome.


Sadly, we cannot accept any PhD student under our wings at the moment.

We will update on this page when the day comes!

For prospective interns, it will be more productive and preferable if you are looking to stay more than six months with the prospect of joining the lab full-time after graduation.

Most of the skill sets that you will pick up in the lab take a long time to master and it will be such a bummer for the lab to have you leave us right when you are getting good at them and a waste to you if you will not be using them anymore.

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