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3D Tumor Microenvironment

Replicating how cancer and other cells interact in the body is somewhat difficult in the lab. Culturing one cell type in a plastic dish does not replicate what is happening in our bodies. Here in our lab, we are able to co-culture multiple cell types in a 3-D hydrogel environment that mimics natural tissue.

Immunotherapy & Cell Therapy

Bioengineered methodologies can be used to impact the immune signaling programs at many stages and will represent an opportunity to overcome such solid tumor-associated barriers. Rationally designed models will be pragmatic to identify critical factors to increase engineered T cell therapy efficiency, in a combinatorial approach with immunotherapy strategies to impact the drug development cost positively.

Drug Screening

The multitude of capabilities developed in our lab allow us to  conduct high throughput screening of  many drug libraries on targets of interest efficiently. Hits are then further validated in vitro and eventually in vivo before moving onto clinical trials.

Molecular Research

Tracking the modifications and effects of various experimental treatments at the molecular level allows us to understand if the changes affect the DNA itself, mRNA transcription, or its eventual translation into functional proteins.

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